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Island Fever Dance Shows

THE ISLAND FEVER PARTY GIRLS incite contagious warmth, fun & enthusiasm into every performance! Charismatic & exciting, they lead the audience through dances, such as the Limbo, the Conga Line, the Jamaican Butterfly, & the Electric Slide.

Fire Limbo Pic THE ISLAND FEVER FIRE DANCER, originally from Trinidad, is a fire eater & limbo dancer extraordinaire. Strong, graceful & extremely limber, she performs in a hypnotically intricate interplay with the drums. She entrances her audiences with amazing artistry as she glides seemingly effortlessly under a flaming limbo pole literally inches off the ground!

Dancers Pic THE ISLAND FEVER CARIBBEAN DANCE SHOW is a riveting tropical experience featuring authentic Caribbean dancers & Fire Eaters performing the Fire Limbo, the Glass Dance, the Nail Dance, & beautiful traditional Caribbean dances, as well as audience participation.

Caribbean Heat Pic ISLAND FEVER CARNAVAL provides a customized Caribbean / Brazilian Carnaval theme with costumed entertainers & dancers. You can even have costumes, masks & props for your guests!
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Carmen Miranda
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